Artikelnummer 1890553

Zildjian Wind Gong Mallet

Yarn mallet for more airy and delicate gong sounds.

445,00 kr./stk

The Zildjian Wind Gong Mallet is an ideal mallet choice for lighter playing, when the music calls for a more delicate sound. A thinner diameter than the General, this mallet can create splashes on smaller-size gongs, and thinner, more articulate sounds on larger sizes or gongs with deeper profiles. Wind Gong mallets are yarn-wrapped, with a handle made from U.S. select hickory for excellent balance.

  • For airy and delicate gong sounds
  • Splashy accents on smaller-size gongs
  • Rhythmic playing on larger, deeper gongs
  • Length: 38,74 cm
  • Head dia: 5,08 cm