Artikelnummer 1905204

Vic Firth SGZN Greg Zuber Nothung

The weight of laminated birch paired with the much larger shaft diameter make Greg Zuber’s new Nothung concert snare stick a truly unique offering to the Symphonic Collection.

330,00 kr./par

As the Principal Percussionist of the MET Orchestra, Greg needed a stick that could cover a wide array of musical situations, so the oversized acorn tip, longer taper, and thick shaft were designed to work together for maximum versatility for general orchestral playing and allow the player to use the weight for ultimate control across the full dynamic range.

  • Laminated Birch
  • Diameter: 1,71cm
  • Length: 43,18cm
  • Taper: Long
  • Tip/Shape: Laminated Birch, Acorn
  • Series : Symphonic Collection
  • Surface Coating/Finish: Lacquer