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MusicNomad MN112 Premium Drum & Cymbal Kit

Kit with Drum Detailer, Cymbal Cleaner and polish cloths

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MusicNomad MN112 Premium Drum and Cymbal Kit

The Ultimate Professional Grade Four-piece Drum & Cymbal Care Kit contains one each of our most popular items to care for the entire drum set. Our Acid Free Cymbal Cleaner is fast at cutting through layers of oxides and restoring an eye glaring shine to cymbals. Our All Purpose Drum Detail Polish works fast and effective on all drum shells, hardware, drum thrones, electronic drum pads and drum cases. We include 2 super soft, premium quality microfiber towels so you can dedicate one towel to each cleaner.Used Worldwide by Musicians, Instrument Makers, Repair Techs


  • Premium Drum Detailer and Cymbal Cleaner
  • 2 Premium Quality Lint Free, Washable Microfiber Towels - 16" x 12"
  • 23,7 ml in each bottle