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VOX amPlug 2 Blues Headphone guitar amplifier

320,00 kr./stk

amPlug 2 “Blues” The ideal American amp sound, from crunchy rhythm to bluesy leads

  • Clean: A sound that simulates the sound of a classic tweed amp
  • Crunch: A fat and warm overdrive sound
  • Lead: A sound that’s ideal for bluesy leads
  • No need for a guitar cable! Plug it directly into your guitar
  • The fully-analog circuit; nine selectable effects
  • AUX input for CD/MP3 player
  • 3.5 mm headphone jack
  • Controls: gain, tone, volume
  • 9 effects (Chorus x 3, 3 x Delay, Reverb x 3)
  • Works with three AAA batteries, up to 15 hours of operating time