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Med samme teknik som anvendes i Whammy 5 som grund, har Digitech's teknikere tilpasset det seneste skud på stammen i Whammy-familien til bas.
1095,- /stk.
(876,- Eks. moms)
Artikelnr: 1354904
Designed for and by bassists, this compact compressor/sustainer features fully adjustable controls that can subtly transform the dynamic qualities of a bass guitar or take them to the extreme. From transparently leveling out notes so they sit in a track to creating an intensely squashed sound, the Bass Preacher helps spread the gospel of great bass tone!
799,- /stk.
(639,- Eks. moms)
Artikelnr: 5198118
The Bass Soul Food Overdrive Effects Pedal provides natural overdrive and clean boost for the tone conscious player to enhance the original sound of an instrument and amp while retaining their essential character.
899,- /stk.
(719,- Eks. moms)
Artikelnr: 5198117
Compact chorus based on the legendary Small Clone with added features for bass. Provides precise sound shaping control for a tight, focused sound with a well-defined low end and shimmering chorus on top.
625,- /stk.
(500,- Eks. moms)
Artikelnr: 5198126
Compact and flexible bass preamp/DI pedal that delivers powerful tone shaping capabilities.
1375,- /stk.
(1100,- Eks. moms)
Artikelnr: 5198122
Stomplab Pedalerne i StompLab-serien indeholder masser af effekter og realistisk modeling af populære bas- og guitarforstærkere. Som STOMPLAB-IB men med indbygget expressionpedal for Volume og effektstyring .
760,- /stk.
(608,- Eks. moms)
Artikelnr: 8040752
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