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MusicNomad MN107 Amp & Case Cleaner-Conditioner

Amp & Case Cleaner and Conditioner

95,00 kr./stk

Cleaner and Conditioner for amps and cases

Just bought a new or used amp?
Looking to restore your old amp to a like new shine?
Clean, condition, preserve & shine your amp or case with our special formula.
It works great on all tolex, leather, vinyl & rubber AMPS, CASES, DRUM CHAIRS & ELECTRONIC RUBBER PADS and delivers a long lasting dry to touch new shine finish. Our proprietary formula embeds itself safely in fibers of leather, vinyl & rubber creating a moisture resistant barrier. It does not attract dust because it is non greasy. We even add UV protectants. This product contains no harsh chemicals and is 100% non abrasive.

  • Cleans & Conditions 
  • Restores & Protects for Months 
  • Great for Tolex, Vinyl, Rubber and Leather 
  • 100% Non Abrasive 
  • 100% Dry to Touch 
  • UV Protectant Added to Deter Sun Damage 
  • Embeds Itself in Fiber of Tolex, Vinyl, Rubber and Leather 
  • Creates Moisture Resistant Barrier 
  • Does Not Attract Dust Because it is Not Greasy 
  • Smells Great 
  • 100% PET Bottle - the most friendly recyclable plastic on Earth