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VOX VE-CD Valvenergy Copperhead Drive

The VALVENERGY series offers four effect pedals that provide the response and distortion of a tube amp.

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In addition to developing traditional tube amps that use conventional vacuum tubes, VOX has also been researching revolutionary guitar amps that use Nutube, the new vacuum tube. Taking advantage of the technology obtained through the development of these amps, we have now developed a line of Nutube pedals. Featuring the sound and feel of a tube amp, this series delivers four classic amp sounds that are indispensable to the music of today. It also offers new channel switching and line-level output features not previously found in pedals.

What is the Nutube?

Nutube is a new vacuum tube that was developed by KORG Corporation in conjunction with Noritake Itron Corporation as an application of vacuum fluorescent display technology. Like a conventional vacuum tube, a Nutube has an anode grid filament structure, and operates as a complete triode tube. It provides the same rich overtones and response that are distinctive of conventional vacuum tubes.

  • Equipped with Nutube, providing vacuum tube sound and response
  • Buffered bypass reduces noise when the effect is turned off
  • Connection mode can be switched according to your use
  • Channel switch function allows operation similar to a multi-channel amp when multiple VALVENERGY series units are connected
  • OLED display provides a visual indication of the sound


Equipped with Nutube for vacuum tube sound and response

Acclaimed as revolutionary, the Nutube was collaboratively developed by KORG and Noritake Itron, and is at the heart of the VALVENERGY series. This gives the VALVENERGY series the same response, rich overtone structure, and sense of power as you expect from a vacuum tube amp.


This pedal recreates the classic full stack amp tone, used for the powerful sound of hard rock in the 80s. Use it for lightly overdriven tones or thick distortion.

  • GAIN knob: Sets the amount of distortion.
  • VOLUME knob: Sets the final volume.
  • TREBLE knob: Adjusts the high-frequency range. Turning the knob toward the left produces a softer tone, and turning it toward the right provides a bright tone.
  • MIDDLE knob: Adjusts the mid-frequency range. Turning the knob toward the right provides a rich mid-range.
  • BASS knob: Adjusts the low-frequency range. Turning the knob toward the left produces a thinner and lighter tone, and turning it toward the right provides a warm and heavy tone.
  • BRIGHT knob: This is placed before the distortion stage, providing a different character of distortion at each position of the switch.