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Marantz capture/recording

  • Handheld solid state recorder
    2775,- /stk.
    (2220,- Eks. moms)
    Artikelnr: 4851561
  • 6-Channel DSLR Recorder
    2625,- /stk.
    (2100,- Eks. moms)
    Artikelnr: 4851776
  • Body-worn audio/video recorder was designed to capture the sights, sounds and locations of service, technical, safety and other critical personnel as they go about their duties. In particular, the PMD-901V will appeal to law enforcement, EMT, health-care workers and others who interact frequently with the public.
    2895,- /stk.
    (2316,- Eks. moms)
    Artikelnr: 4852901
  • Handheld Solid-State Recorder with File Encryption
    3425,- /stk.
    (2740,- Eks. moms)
    Artikelnr: 4852662
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