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Thin in weight, this I Family splash produces a bright, fast and cutting sound.
490,- /stk.
(392,- Eks. moms)
Artikelnr: 1822360
For drummers looking for a brighter, higher pitched hi-hat sound, the 13" I Family hi-hat pair is the perfect choice..
1050,- /par
(840,- Eks. moms)
Artikelnr: 1822323
This medium-thin weight 14" crash produces a bright and fast sound that is great for any musical application.
630,- /stk.
(504,- Eks. moms)
Artikelnr: 1822334
For drummers looking for classic, bright hi-hat sound, the 14" I Family hi-hat pair is a great choice.
1275,- /par
(1020,- Eks. moms)
Artikelnr: 1822324
A 16" crash is a must-have for any setup because it is such a versatile size, small enough to be fast and bright, but big enough to project and be heard..
795,- /stk.
(636,- Eks. moms)
Artikelnr: 1822336
This 16" China cymbal is a great way to expand your sound. Thin in weight, it has a focused, trashy attack.
795,- /stk.
(636,- Eks. moms)
Artikelnr: 1822366
Bright and trashy, this 17" trash crash adds a unique accent and is the perfect addition to any setup.
875,- /stk.
(700,- Eks. moms)
Artikelnr: 1822367
This 18" crash delivers a bright sound with a large enough diameter to support a big, expressive washiness.
950,- /stk.
(760,- Eks. moms)
Artikelnr: 1822338
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