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MusicNomad MN131 Key-One All Purpose

Cleaner for keyboards, midi-controllers, digital pianos and matte pianos

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MusicNomad MN131 Key One All Purpose Cleaner

Everything you need to maintain keyboards, midi controllers, piano keys and matte finish pianos in one easy spray and wipe. Safe on all surfaces. A single spritz from our atomizer cleans fingerprints, dust and smudges like no other product. Streak free and residue free, it leaves a beautiful clean surface. Our anti-static agents help reduce the binding of dust to the surface. Small in size but big in results. MusicNomad Products are used by worldwide by musicians, repair shops, collectors & instrument makers. 4oz bottle.

  • Cleans and Protects Keyboard Instruments
  • Removes Fingerprints, Dust and Grime
  • Anti-Static Formulation keeps dust from binding on surface
  • 4 oz bottle