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Designed by Sally Van Meter for playing bluegrass, or any of today’s demanding slide guitar styles. It’s built for speed, precision, and control.
295,- /stk.
(236,- Eks. moms)
Artikelnr: 1492030
It’s design suggested by Peter Grant, the extra mass (for tone) and double cutaway (for control) make this a versatile bar for various styles of resophonic and lap steel guitar. 5.8 oz.
295,- /stk.
(236,- Eks. moms)
Artikelnr: 1492020
The original Shubb-Pearse Steel designed by John Pearse is favored by many 8-string lap steel and Hawaiian guitarists for its extra length (3 3⁄8") and cutaway bullet tip.
295,- /stk.
(236,- Eks. moms)
Artikelnr: 1492010
Steel Guitar Bar. Heavy. Længde: 47,5 mm. Diameter: 19 mm. Vægt: 221 gram.
205,- /stk.
(164,- Eks. moms)
Artikelnr: 1104233
The GS Steel represents the most significant step yet in the evolution of the guitar steel.
395,- /stk.
(316,- Eks. moms)
Artikelnr: 1491910
Sliderør i metal. Kort.
85,- /stk.
(68,- Eks. moms)
Artikelnr: 2290116
Reversible guitar slide. Alternate between slide playing and regular playing.
250,- /stk.
(200,- Eks. moms)
Artikelnr: 1491000
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