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Øvrige elguitar effekter

The late 1960’s fuzzed out, octave up sound together with modern enhancements.
925,- /stk.
(740,- Eks. moms)
Artikelnr: 5198081
The Pitch Fork transposes an instrument's pitch over a +/- three-octave range and features three modes which allow the pitch to be transposed up, down or both, simultaneously.
1595,- /stk.
(1276,- Eks. moms)
Artikelnr: 5198027
Building on the synthesis platform of the award-winning Superego, our new Superego+ raises the bar when it comes to creating synth effects, sound layers, glissandos, infinite sustain and more.
2295,- /stk.
(1836,- Eks. moms)
Artikelnr: 5198201
Electro-Harmonix fortsætter sin lange og stærke tradition for at bygge effektpedaler med innovative og unikke funktioner. Freeze og Layer-pedal med Synth lyd.
1975,- /stk.
(1580,- Eks. moms)
Artikelnr: 5198202
Få instrumenter har en sådan distinkt lyd og speciel tone, som den indiske sitar.
2250,- /stk.
(1800,- Eks. moms)
Artikelnr: 5198089
KEY9 pedal emulates the world’s most coveted electric pianos and more. With 9 presets, you can transform your guitar and lay down a cool key parts.
2050,- /stk.
(1640,- Eks. moms)
Artikelnr: 5198099
Polyphonic Pitch Shifter Pedal
1550,- /stk.
(1240,- Eks. moms)
Artikelnr: 5198230
The Whammy Ricochet lets you bounce your playing up or down in pitch in controlled or crazy shifts.
820,- /stk.
(656,- Eks. moms)
Artikelnr: 1354903
The smallest member of the polyphonic POG clan provides impeccable tracking and sound
1875,- /stk.
(1500,- Eks. moms)
Artikelnr: 5198083
Så små at de næsten ikke kan ses, men vi lover - de kan høres! Iron Lung er lillebror til V256 men har samme fantastiske 256 bånds Vocoder.
1325,- /stk.
(1060,- Eks. moms)
Artikelnr: 5198205
Guitar gods have used the cocked wah sound to create monster riffs that required finding the sweet spot in their wah pedal’s sweep. The Cock Fight lets you achieve that cool cocked wah sound without the wah pedal. Add the built-in distortion or switch to the Talking Wah mode for a stuck voice-box sound. Simply put, this is an awesome pedal!
1075,- /stk.
(860,- Eks. moms)
Artikelnr: 5198212
Sophisticated new algorithms to improve the quality of the ten generated octaves and harmonics as well as the Freeze function
4425,- /stk.
(3540,- Eks. moms)
Artikelnr: 5198066
The Electro-Harmonix Hum Debugger Hum Eliminator Pedal completely and totally eliminates hum from any audio source.
1295,- /stk.
(1036,- Eks. moms)
Artikelnr: 5198033
Den første POG-pedal kom i 2005 og blev med det samme en enorm succes.
3250,- /stk.
(2600,- Eks. moms)
Artikelnr: 5198086
Multi-effect pedal that combines the awesome EHX Soul Food overdrive and Nano POG octave generator pedals in one mean machine. A lustfilled, perfect mix of a transparent overdrive and fast tracking polyphonic octave generator.
2625,- /stk.
(2100,- Eks. moms)
Artikelnr: 5198087
The Dirty Robot is a unique synthesizer emulation pedal for guitar and bass with two different synth voices
930,- /stk.
(744,- Eks. moms)
Artikelnr: 1350546

The polyphonic MEL9 uses an extraordinary technology to transform your guitar and resurrect the sound of vintage tape-based keyboards. Play 9 of the coolest Mellotron®sounds with your regular guitar pickup system. No modifications, special pickups or MIDI implementation required. The MEL9 also works great with bass guitar and keyboards.

2050,- /stk.
(1640,- Eks. moms)
Artikelnr: 5198103
Micro POG er en polyfonisk oktavpedal med kontroller for Wet/Dry, Sub Octave og Octave Up.
1975,- /stk.
(1580,- Eks. moms)
Artikelnr: 5198084
Drop your tune without the need to tune your instrument!
695,- /stk.
(556,- Eks. moms)
Artikelnr: 1354910
V256 er noget så cool som en vocoder i pedalformat.
2095,- /stk.
(1676,- Eks. moms)
Artikelnr: 5198088
Digitech’s legendariske Whammy-pedal er uden tvivl den absolut mest anvendte ”pitch shift-effekt” på pedalboard rundt om i verden.
1075,- /stk.
(860,- Eks. moms)
Artikelnr: 1354900
Play 12 string on your 6 string.
725,- /stk.
(580,- Eks. moms)
Artikelnr: 1354914
Ring Thing er boksen for dig, som elsker sound’en af rigtigt syrede lyde, som er frembragt ved hjælp af ringmodulation.
2195,- /stk.
(1756,- Eks. moms)
Artikelnr: 5198078
A faithful reissue of the cult-classic released in 1979, the SSD uses analog synthesis techniques to create mind-blowing sounds ranging from deep kicks to high toms to sci-fi drums. It triggers via the on-board pushbutton, an external drum pad (non-MIDI) and most clock generators. It can also process external sounds thru its Aux In.
1075,- /stk.
(860,- Eks. moms)
Artikelnr: 5198217
Conquer noise with The Silencer. A sophisticated noise gate that can tame a single pedal or an entire effects loop! The Silencer’s three-control layout provides precise fine-tuning to fit your system, axe and playing style.
635,- /stk.
(508,- Eks. moms)
Artikelnr: 5198223
Så små at de næsten ikke kan ses, men vi lover - de kan høres! Electro Harmonix Nano Freeze er en utrolig fræk lille pedal, som med et tryk på en knap umiddelbart fanger lyden du spiller og fryser den, indtil du slipper knappen igen.
1175,- /stk.
(940,- Eks. moms)
Artikelnr: 5198019
Like the original from 1980, the new Crash Pad can create an array of drum sounds and other-worldly oscillation sweeps, as well as process external sounds thru its resonant filter. Plus, it’s been updated to respond to expression pedal/CV input for external control over the filter in real-time.
1075,- /stk.
(860,- Eks. moms)
Artikelnr: 5198079
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