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VOX News 2018


Korg has recently revealed several new products


New products 2018

In advance of NAMM VOX have made some announcements: the new MVX150 series as well as new additions to the MV series – the MV50 high gain and MV50 Boutique – will all soon be available


Two new models have been added to the MV50 series lineup, MV50 High Gain & MV50 Boutique. Equipped with the next-generation vacuum tube Nutube, and featuring a stunningly light-weight design of only 540 grams (1.1 lbs.), these amp heads boast a high 50W of output power. As its name implies, the sound of the MV50 High Gain is optimized for high gain, while the MV50 Boutique distills the sound of a legendary boutique amp coveted by guitarists. With even more variations, the MV50 series is expanding its offering and showing no signs of slowing down.


All new MVX-series

New flagship amps equipped with Nutube, the next-generation vacuum tube. The lineup consists of two models: the MVX150H amp head and the MVX150C1 combo amp, equipped with a very capable Celestion Redback speaker. The MVX150 series represents a new frontier of amplifiers, one that challenges the established conceptions of large tube amps and costly boutique amps. There is also the BC112-150 – a new Black Cab cabinet fitted with a 12" Celestion Redback speaker; perfect for these newcomers.

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