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Taking its name from Ilham, the Turkish word for inspiration, the I Family is a collection of expressive sounds designed to bring your playing to the next level. Broaden your sonic horizons from the fundamentals, and let your individual voice shine with this family of cymbals that feature modern weights and sizes, hammering, and extensive lathing. Explore and go further with I, and with the entire universe of Zildjian.
  • Thin in weight, this I Family splash produces a bright, fast and cutting sound.
    445,- /stk.
    (356,- Eks. moms)
    Artikelnr: 1822360
  • For drummers looking for a brighter, higher pitched hi-hat sound, the 13" I Family hi-hat pair is the perfect choice..
    970,- /par
    (776,- Eks. moms)
    Artikelnr: 1822323
  • This medium-thin weight 14" crash produces a bright and fast sound that is great for any musical application.
    570,- /stk.
    (456,- Eks. moms)
    Artikelnr: 1822334
  • For drummers looking for classic, bright hi-hat sound, the 14" I Family hi-hat pair is a great choice.
    1150,- /par
    (920,- Eks. moms)
    Artikelnr: 1822324
  • A 16" crash is a must-have for any setup because it is such a versatile size, small enough to be fast and bright, but big enough to project and be heard..
    740,- /stk.
    (592,- Eks. moms)
    Artikelnr: 1822336
  • This 16" China cymbal is a great way to expand your sound. Thin in weight, it has a focused, trashy attack.
    740,- /stk.
    (592,- Eks. moms)
    Artikelnr: 1822366
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