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  • Microkorg er opbygget omkring samme kraftfulde lydkilde som MS2000, men har et mindre og mere letanvendeligt format.
    2975,- /stk.
    (2380,- Eks. moms)
    Artikelnr: 8010533
  • KORGmicroKORG SYNTHSIZER/VOCODER A bright new color appears for 15th anniversary of microKORG. It has been fifteen years since microKORG’s release in 2002, and now 2017, a 15th anniversary platinum-color model is now available. The stylish operating panel features a bright color scheme unified by accents such as black wood panels at left and right, making it an exciting color variation model new to the microKORG. *Only A limited number of microKORG PT units will be produced.
    2950,- /stk.
    (2360,- Eks. moms)
    Artikelnr: 8109956
  • KORG microKORG S SYNTHESIZER/VOCODER Shape your sound, bring it anywhere. The microKORG S continues to build on the success of the original. [Highlights] - Built-in 2+1 speaker system ensures a rich and full sound at any volume - Increased memory, new programs, and additional user programs - Favorite Select function - Elegant new design retains the spirit of the original - All of the functionality of the original microKORG, plus so much more
    3595,- /stk.
    (2876,- Eks. moms)
    Artikelnr: 8010516
  • microKORG XL+ er det seneste skud på stammen i Korgs micro-koncept; dvs. MMT micro syntheziser.
    3595,- /stk.
    (2876,- Eks. moms)
    Artikelnr: 8010510
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