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DJ & Production Tools

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    Artikelnr: 8010202
  • Multiple functions packed into a small body, The DJ controller with a built-in KAOSS PAD.


  • Integrated KAOSS PAD for instant control of effects and synths
  • Small, thin, lightweight, with a stylish design
  • Support for "Serato DJ Intro" software (Free download)
  • Built-in Audio interface; simply connect to your PC via USB and start DJ performance
  • Stand-alone operation as a two-channel mixer
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    Artikelnr: 8010243
  • Skaren af brugere, som værdsætter Kaossilators enkle måde at skabe melodier, rytmer og loops uden at behøve nogen grundkundskaber i at spille fortsætter stadig med at vokse. Synth med Kaossfunktion.
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    Artikelnr: 8010251
  • A synthesizer that lets you perform freely with the touchpad.


      • A synthesizer that lets you use the touchpad to perform freely
      • 150 sound programs that meet the needs of every dance music style
      • Loop recorder that lets you intuitively overdub phrases, with undo/redo
      • A new workflow with Ableton Live lets you export data in a variety of formats. Ableton Live Lite is also included
      • Battery operation and a built-in speaker let you play anytime and anywhere
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    Artikelnr: 8010252
  • Kaoss Pad KP3+ KP3+.
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    Artikelnr: 8010241
  • Padkontrol er ideel til at skabe naturlige trommebeats. Padkontrol sort.
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    Artikelnr: 8011009
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    Artikelnr: 8010242
  • Analog Ribbon Synthesizer med delay-effekt. Monotron med indbygget delay effekt.
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    Artikelnr: 8010233
  • Analog Ribbon Synthesizer med 2 stk. Monotron m. 2 stk. VCO og X-modulering.
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    Artikelnr: 8010234
  • Volca keys - Analogue Loop Synth.
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    Artikelnr: 8010291
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